Mary Webster

Mary Webster worked as an independent nurse practitioner in the field of mental health from the time of receiving her M.A. in nursing in 1975 until her recent retirement from a clinical teaching position at Washington State University in 2012.

She began meditating with Jason Siff in 1995, attending several Recollective Awareness meditation retreats before entering the Skillful Meditation Project teacher training in 2001. She gradually increased her teaching responsibilities and by the time she finished the teacher-training program in 2008, she was already co-teaching 10-day retreats, leading workshops, giving public talks, and working closely with regular students on their meditation practice.

She is currently the Resident Teacher for the Spokane Vipassana Meditation Community, which holds a weekly sitting group. She has been teaching for the Spokane community for over a decade, offering opportunities for practice dependent on the community’s needs. These include one-day workshops, residential retreats, study groups and smaller reporting groups for those interested in a more dedicated practice.

Mary Webster has been on the Board of Directors of the Skillful Meditation Project for a number of years, and currently serves as the President. She is a member of the Skillful Meditation Project Teaching Sangha, and sees herself expanding her work in the development of prospective teachers, providing them with training and supervision.