you long for
is within you

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Vipassana (Recollective Awareness) Meditation

Translated from the Pali word “anupassana,” Recollective Awareness is a way to cultivate greater awareness of one's inner world. It is a gentle approach to meditation, which allows one's meditative experience to unfold naturally.

  • Meditation is taught only in small groups
  • Meditators hear each other's experiences and learn from them
  • No meditative experience is judged as unacceptable or mundane
  • Learning occurs primarily from what one discovers in meditation
  • Teacher's role is to facilitate greater awareness and investigation

As we sit in community meditation, we simply experience whatever unfolds within our minds. It is a practice of mindful watching, without judgement, which carries over into our daily lives. This path enriches our lives and brings happiness to our being.

You may join us as an absolute beginner or an experienced meditator. We will give instruction at the beginning of each sitting for anyone who desires it. Discussion will follow each sitting, for those who would like to further their understanding.

“By your
own efforts
waken yourself,
watch yourself,
and live joyfully.”

The Buddha

Resident Teacher - Mary Webster of the Skillful Meditation Project.