Best Wishes

paintingAfter 20 years of service to the sangha as resident teacher of the Spokane Vipassana Meditation Community, Mary is retiring from active teaching in order to have time to focus on her own practice.
It is with gratitude that we look back at the time of her service to us and see that the Dharma and practice have entered into our lives in a variety of ways.

With Mary’s retirement, the Council of the Spokane Vipassana Meditation Community recognizes the limitations of what we can offer to support members of our community in their meditation practice. After much thought and discussion and with great care, we realize that we cannot continue our public offerings. Consequently, SVMC announces the closure of this website and the discontinuation of public offerings of meditation effective March 29, 2017.

The Dharma continues, however, as it has for the past 2500 years despite changes in personnel and cultures. Teachings are being offered in many ways around Spokane. Buddhism is rich in its many approaches to the Dharma. There is great value and benefit in exploring the variations of practice to find the one that suits you. The links below are to other groups in the Spokane area that offer teachings.

Mainstream Mindfulness:
Spokane Buddhist Temple:
Coeur d’Alene Dharma Friends:
Sravasti Abbey:
Zen Center of Spokane:

Teachers in Recollective Awareness:
Nelly Kaufer:
Linda Modaro:
Jason Siff:

With deep respect for your practice and kind wishes,
The Spokane Vipassana Meditation Community Council